First Choice LVP Product Limited Warranty

First choice luxury Vinyl Plank warrants floor products to be free defects for a specified time from the date of purchase as set below.

First Choice LVP RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REPAIR, or to use its own source to obtain its own flooring inspector, and installer for replacement flooring. If First Choice LVP repairs or replaces a floor as a result of a warranty claim, the customer is not liable of any personal expenses. In the event that First Choice LVP repairs a floor, this warranty shall remain in effect with respect to such floor.

This warranty covers only manufacturing defects, delaminating, when the flooring is subject to normal residential, and light commercial use. All warranties in this Limited Warranty guide are given only to the original purchase, a proof of purchase must be submitted with claim.

The following are not covered by this warranty:
  • Darker, solid colors naturally show more dirt and require more maintenance. We cannot warrant the product against such claims.
  • We will not accept shading claims for an overall white floor with touching white planks, tiles, or carpet cover base.
  • Damages caused by fire, flood, moisture intrusion caused by emission from subfloor, intentional abuse , damage caused by vacuum cleaner beater bars, indentations or damages caused by improper rolling loads, chairs or other furniture not using proper floor protectors, or cleaner beater bar, indentions or damage caused by improper rolling loads rolling loads, chairs or other furniture not using proper floor proctors or caster wheels, and cutting from sharp objects, asphalt staining from rubber mats, surface scratches, changes in color or sheen appearance when exposed to a natural source.
  • Minor shading, color or texture differences between samples and delivered product.
  • This warranty is void if prior installation, First Choice Luxury Vinyl Floors are not acclimated to room temperature (between 65F and 85 F) at job site between a minimal 24-48 hours and if all post-installation, First Choice Luxury Vinyl Plank are not continuously maintained at such temperature.
    Warranty Owner
This product applies to a resident who is the original purchaser of First Choice Luxury Vinyl Plank floor product, not to any subsequent owner, a proof of purchase must be provided. This warranty will not cover loss of time, inconvenience, incidental, expense, for phone calls, labor/and or materials) incurred in the removal or reinstallation of the affect material, and any other incidental or consequential damages.